Starting a brand new clothing line from scratch is a daunting task. Creating a clothing line that incorporates good corporate citizenship and sustainability practice into the very foundation of the company almost seems impossible. Yet that’s what our founders, Don and Christopher set out to do.

With decades of experience in the fashion industry, the team had the confidence to make business decisions required to deliver a fashionable, sustainable alternative to fast fashion. Responsible for dumping millions of pounds of clothes a year, fast fashion is quite simply, not sustainable. Most people don’t know they have sustainable options in clothing, and that’s what Don and Christopher are intent on changing.

It seems like such an easy decision, picking out a new T-shirt. The implications to that simple everyday item are far more reaching than you may think. Now, we all often look at the source of our food products, to see if they are organic, natural, free of pesticides and harmful agents. The fashion industry at large is responsible for a significant amount of waste and damage to the planet.

Helping to reduce the environmental impact is why giving customers a choice is important to us at Truth Alone. “Building the awareness of sustainable choices, while delivering consumers an experience of luxury is a critical part of changing the fashion industry. We provide a sustainable choice of key wardrobe staples that are ethically sourced and leave the smallest possible footprint,” says co-founder Don.

Our mission is to invest in the planet and the people in our country of origin. We are committed to supporting our teams with living wages and ensuring the highest quality of our pieces. Co-founder Christopher explains, “At our start-up, we focused on Organic Peruvian Pima Cotton. It is the softest to-the-touch ever, and when worn or washed, it is durable and lasting.”

“We knew we could provide the highest quality and still deliver on sustainable practices,” adds Don. It’s certainly not the easy path, but delivering a product that people are proud to wear and enjoy wearing is the start to changing the industry.

September 23, 2019 — Donald Taffurelli

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