“A sustainable lifestyle starts by getting dressed.”

 That’s how the idea behind Truth Alone started years ago, as just a hopeful twinkle in the eyes of founders Christopher and Don. The statement is even more true today than it’s ever been and as Truth Alone grows, that statement remains a lightning rod for everything we do.

 With knowledge spanning three decades in the fashion business, Don and Christopher identified an issue that they knew had far-reaching implications - the irresponsible choices by fashion brands leading to a negative impact on the environment. From worker rights to environmental choices to fast fashion, the impact of fashion is monumental.

 Christopher and Don knew they could do better. That they could deliver sustainable fashion at a cost-effective price - and limit the negative impact on resources and people. And thus, Truth Alone was born.

 Holding true to their principles in fashion was tough - at every turn there are different considerations to take into account. Truth Alone set out to lead by example in sustainable fashion, believing that every contribution, however small, can make a difference. A ripple effect that one day could spread to consumers who would demand more of the industry at large. Christopher and Don had to consider: design, material, local sourcing, carbon footprint, country of origin and transparency.

 “Our goal from the onset has been to provide an elevated experience of sustainable merchandise by offering premium and luxury fabrications at a fair price,” explains Don. With over 20 years of experience running a very successful sourcing and production business for major global fashion brands, Christopher and Don knew that change could only come from within the industry and by proving their values by example.

 It most certainly isn’t an easy challenge and it requires that Christopher and Don thoughtfully consider every step, “If you don’t think of sustainability from the very start, the design concept and road map will not be sustainable thereafter: it will be speed to market, price, and trend differentiators on a six week turn, as fast as you can. Historically, speed is not a sustainable approach—it’s fast food.”

 Given that fashion plays such a huge role in the global economy of well over $1 trillion a year in sales and growing, acknowledging that fashion needs to lead change in sustainability is critical. The Global Fashion Agenda and Boston Consulting Group predicts a rise of 63% from now to 2030, indicating that by then, over 100 million tons of clothing and shoes will be purchased each year.

 With an impact and an economy that sizeable, it only makes sense for the fashion industry to start taking note of sustainable practices. Sustainable fashion begins at home and it isn’t just about fashion. In the words of Christoper and Don, it can seem overwhelming, but it’s taking it piece by piece as a part of your daily life and extending the habit into business practices. “We do not over consume ourselves, rather we think of repurposing. We do that at home and with Truth Alone. For example, in our graphic line of tee shirts we did not make additional shirts, rather we printed on inventory we already had. We do not jump on the trend bandwagon, we rethink our styles in terms of product longevity as well as their end of use recyclability,” Christopher explains.

 In the end, it’s each person and each business making a difference, which is what we strive for at Truth Alone. Little steps taken each day by all of us help the planet and our environment. Truth Alone’s belief is simple: to provide a sustainable fashion choice at a valuable price that makes it easy for customers to vote for the environment with their dollars.

 Stay Tuned for Part 2 of the Truth Alone Story.

June 27, 2019 — Archetype Themes Collaborator

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