Eco Fashion: Green is the New Black, is the title of an article by Gavin Davidson in, wherein he reports that “Consumers are actively looking for products made from recycled fibers, Fair-Trade, and organic materials.” We at Truth Alone Clothing take heart in this observation and article.

 While sustainability in fashion is a movement on the rise, it is our belief that we must all vote with our dollars. We must become “consumer activists”  (as coined by Elizabeth L Cline in her book, “Over-Dressed,”) leveraging our dollars to demand sustainability over inexpensive fast fashion. Cheap Fast Fashion is a key obstacle to a more sustainable industry. It is habit forming with something new coming out every six weeks—it encourages over consumption, thereby increasing demand for more: it precipitates an unending vicious cycle of having to have the latest trend. There’s no longer value to what we wear—it’s the “uniformity of cheapness” (another beautiful phrase by Elizabeth L Cline, in her book, Over-Dressed), and the truth.

 When it’s time to consider adding new looks to your wardrobe, this is the time to begin adding sustainable pieces to your lifestyle choices. A sustainable lifestyle starts by getting dressed. People crave connection to their stuff; have a connection with your clothing--“Certainly [the clothes we wear] can be defined by something other than price gouging” observes E. Cline.  Know something about where your clothes are made. Consider clothing choices that are well made, that use sustainable fibers such as Organic Pima Cotton to name one that is beautiful, durable, soft and cozy.

 Consider caring for your clothing rather than tossing them out without any hesitation. When clothing has real value, there exists a connection to that value worthy of your care and interest. Sustainable clothing will begin to shift how you think when making choices, as well as how you take care of your material goods, and how you dispose of them. We at Truth Alone Clothing advocate for low impact home laundering, gentle cycle, low dryer to prolong garment use. The truth is that if the average life of clothing was extended by just three months, it would reduce by 5-10% of their carbon & water footprints, as well untimely waste generation. We advocate for recycling clothes, and/or donating them. 

 Sustainability is a journey and the destination—join us by making sustainable selections to add into your wardrobe. Join us by emphasizing environmental stewardship, quality over quantity and by taking time to value, not only your apparel selections, but also everyone involved in making them possible for you to have. Truth Alone Clothing is clothing with Integrity. Join us in being a force for good.

April 04, 2018 — Truth Alone

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