At Truth Alone Clothing, we believe in our timeless essentials. We want them to be as comfortable, gorgeous, and well fitting as possible. However, we care more than just about the final product. We believe that the process of creating these sustainable pieces is just as important as the clothing itself. That’s why we use Organic Pima Cotton, which is better for the environment, do everything we can to limit our carbon footprint, and partner with Bergman Rivera, pioneers in the agricultural growing, production and promotion of organic cotton and its environmentally conscious textiles.

Why Bergman Rivera?

Bergman Rivera has been working directly with local farmers since 1986. They operate on the belief that organic farming is a better way to both work with and nourish the soil and teach their farmers how to cultivate their fields in a way that’s good for them and the earth. Their work consists of integrating a complete supply chain that spreads goodness throughout the community from the fields to the finished product.

Supporting Local Farmers

Bergman Rivera's partnership with local farmers goes deep and includes training and seminars, no-interest rate loans for seeds, organic fertilizers, and low-interest rates for farm equipment. They also offer bonuses for good performance in external and internal audits. After all, shouldn't everyone be able to prosper from their investment in sustainable agriculture?

Supporting Local Communities

Rivera Bergman is always on the hunt for new projects to help the farming communities or farming communities at large. For example, they’ve built a computer lab and provided computing lessons in the Shanao community, created an ophthalmic medical health campaign to provide prescription glasses to those in need, and supported the village nursery in the town of Chacarilla, where a large number of their farmers live and work.

We love partnering with a company that’s dedicated to its people and committed to helping us provide you with beautiful, sustainable, clothing that’s made by people who are being paid fairly in excellent conditions. Have you experienced or been a part of some other ways of helping local farmers? Tell us about it on Instagram!

October 04, 2018 — Archetype Themes Collaborator

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