Over the last 4 weeks we have posted & Tweeted about the UN Sustainability Development Goals  (SDG) several times, and now I bring them up again here in this blog? Why you may ask? And I reply because they represent a global agreement to create a kinder, healthier planet for everyone to benefit & enjoy.

 Sustainability is about our collective consciousness.  It gives renewed meaning to the phrase, “it takes a village,” because it does. It is the mindset, and a way of being, that joins our individual daily lives with the farmers, to the corporations and staffing throughout the value chain, and joining with the tens of millions of consumers around the globe who all collectively care about people and the planet we live on. Individually and together we possess the power of numbers. So we’re not alone in this noble interest and pursuit, and our actions are neither isolated nor disconnected. In our sustainable lifestyle, we participate in a global community for a global cause. Who said you may wonder? Not me.

 This is news and it’s big: One hundred and ninety three (193) countries came together in agreement at the United Nations on these 17 common global SDG, and they signed on to its 2030 agenda. Look at the goals closely—I love the world they aim at creating, and all for us doing our part.

 In its simplicity, this sustainable agenda involves each of us simply taking up our part to make sustainable choices a real part of our daily lifestyle and routine. With the tens of millions collectively involved in the same sustainable thought process around the world, our simple everyday sustainable choices and actions multiply over and over again making for profound impacts. Those impacts all ultimately engage and contribute to fortifying these 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

 At Truth Alone, here’s what one of our sustainable choices looks like in the larger scheme of things.  For our brand, Organic Peruvian Pima Cotton is our preferred choice. It is a choice that goes beyond the extraordinary shine & comfort it is known for. So what impact does our choice to commit to using organic cotton have on anything? According to the UN report, “Organic cotton provides a market-driven solution to poverty, reducing inequality by raising farm incomes, and promoting inclusive societies through its reliance on cooperative working.” In our simple choice of using organic cotton, you get to do good by what you wear. Organic cotton hits three SDG priorities 

 In our daily routines, we think of our choices and decisions as non-consequential. Who would think of organic cotton giving cause to end poverty, and yet it does: it was a simple choice with an overall big impact. While we can’t each hit every single goal, it’s easy to be mindful and committed to a few. Simple choices add up to make a big difference.

Here are some ideas for leaning into some new sustainable approaches.

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October 25, 2019 — Donald Taffurelli

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