At Truth Alone Clothing, when we commit to something we go all in. That’s why we knew we were going to have a very special relationship with the country of Peru once we decided to set up our growing and manufacturing facilities there. We’ve fallen completely in love with our home away from home and are committed to supporting the country of origin of our timeless essentials. End to end from design to farming to manufacturing, and all the way through to marketing and styling – we do all we can to support the local community.

Our Farmers & Their Land

Peru is a gorgeous South American country with a vast coastline and miles of verdant fields perfect for farming a wide variety of crops. In our case, that product is, of course, cotton. Organic Pima Peruvian cotton to be more specific. One of our source of cotton comes from Bergman Rivera whose farmers own their own land and cultivate their fields using organic methods.

Bergman Rivera's partnership with local farmers began back in 1986. They offer training and seminars as well as no-interest rate loans for seeds and organic fertilizers. They also offer low-interest rates for farm equipment. They’re working hard to make the planet and Peru a better place, and we’re thrilled to partner with them.

Our Workers & Manufacturing Process

We work hard to make sure that the way our pieces are manufactured are good for the environment and for the people making our clothing. Peru requires Formal Labor Contracts with all its labor force, regardless of level, from working class to the executive. We’re happy to support these labor contracts as they require that all employees receive a living wage which includes the following:

* 14 months of salary, 2 bonus months per year

* 1 month paid vacation

* 3 month paid maternity leave (when applicable)

* Paid Medical Leave

* Monthly Payments into Retirement Fund

* All citizens receive education and national health care, also contributed to through formal employment contracts

Our Models & Stylists

Many of our stylists and most of the models used in our campaigns so far have all hailed from Peru. We wanted to keep things as local as possible and we wanted the authenticity of the country to come through our campaigns. So, we hire local models, photographers, and stylists to work on our campaigns. To learn more, check out the spectacular Mayhumi Ingleed, one of our fabulous stylists or dive deep into our photographer Ronald Hinostroza Miranda on Instagram.

We love seeing the natural beauty of the country shine through in each photo that pops up on our site or on Instagram.

Have you ever traveled to Peru and experienced the utter delight that is this gorgeous country? Tell us about your adventures on Instagram!

October 22, 2018 — Donald Taffurelli

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