Our Brand, Our Purpose

We are Sustainability Thought Leaders. We are CFDA Member Design. We are long time industry experts of Private Brand Development, Supply Chain Management and Vertical Retail.

The Challenge:

We perceive the significant challenges of cost, value and scale as obstacles preventing the Fashion Industry from truly embracing sustainability to cause the badly needed transformation of its socially and environmentally degrading behavior.

For sustainability in fashion to have the positive global impact on life and earth, it is our belief that the Fashion Industry worldwide needs to make a serious commitment of putting people and planet over profit. The truth is this: Sustainable development goals need to scale and achieve critical mass if they truly are to be a transformative force for good. This will not be possible if sustainability remains an exclusive classification of luxury.

In truth, we feel that falling short of this commitment to create an inclusive experience that can scale, sustainability in fashion is little more than feel good messaging and marketing. It will struggle to create an enduring positive impact.

Our Approach & Solution:

It is important to us to distinguish our position for you on these challenges, and what we are doing to solve them. Our efforts are to help all of you to take the lead, as there is no cause without your support and involvement.

You might already know that sustainability in fashion has been the most debated topic over the last decade. It has frequently been met with resistance. So much of the feet dragging has been about money. The singular and overriding industry question is its concern about who is going to pay for the sustainable development initiatives?

We’ll be up front, Truth Alone: For Life & Earth does not believe that our customer should have to pay more for us to do the right thing for people and the planet. We do not pass on the sustainability premium to you; that buck stops with us. This is our contribution to you and our cause in making sustainability in fashion valuable, important, and accessible.

It is our commitment to make sustainable fashion an inclusive experience, giving real value, with broad appeal. We have combined luxury quality and design with sustainable approaches to bring you a lasting and elevated sustainable fashion experience. The point is to capture your minds and hearts for the cause of putting people and planet ahead of profit. This is no small matter. Our pursuit of diversity, inclusivity, and equality in our relationship with all of you and our suppliers alike gives cause to critical mass and sustainable development in fashion.

Your responsiveness to our first release is itself motivational for us to lead forward, not least of all because you have asked us to. That you are everywhere in the country and abroad, and truly represent all walks of life, is very affirming of our work and position. We got that you get us just in being so expressly appreciative of our super soft organic pima cotton.



We have been laser focused in our first collection by keeping it simple. We focused on one sustainable fiber (Organic Peruvian Pima Cotton), one fabric construction (jersey), and the most iconic staple in our closets--the tee shirt. This does not make us a tee shirt brand; it simply makes us careful and considerate for having taken a gentle first step into our journey of bringing sustainability to fashion.