Our Truth:

  • Our “Truth Alone” is our commitment to our customer first by making sure we have done the right things by the environment, ethics, and social welfare because we know you care.

  • Truth Alone” is sustainability and traceability in fashion—it is our passion. It is our cause and contribution to our customer, the environment, and to the millions of workers (the true unsung heroes) involved each day to make our clothes. They deserve our consideration.

  • Our “Truth Alone” is to be a force for good, to give back to our communities and be supportive of environmental causes and social welfare initiatives. Sustainable clothing embodies this mission.

  • Our “Truth Alone” stands in the belief that change for good can occur by each one of us doing our own unique part, that a sustainable lifestyle should start with getting dressed each day (one shirt at a time). As Steve Jobs once said, “You don’t have to change the world to make an important difference.”

  • Our "Truth Alone" is to make premium clothing that has real value accessible to our customers.

  • "Truth Alone" is committed to the established & conventional supply chain, to elevating its sustainable best practices, because our world requires that we care. They demand the "Truth Alone”.

  •  "Truth Alone" believes in, and is motivated by, the mission and comprehensive analysis given by The Global Fashion Agenda in The Pulse Report of Fashion 2017. This is an in-depth assessment of the Fashion Industries environmental & social performance, and it comes with an urgent need for action & improvement throughout the industry.