What Sustainability Means To Us:

We’ve said a lot about Sustainability in Fashion and our position on it, and what we believe has to happen.

In short and in fairness to everyone, sustainability in fashion is complex and multidimensional. We have taken this to heart.

Our sustainability vision starts with Design. From the get-go, we work to close the circle on waste, resource depletion, and carbon emissions at the very beginning. Our Designers in collaboration with our Buyers consider the material and processing, the purpose, and the ultimate end of use destiny for each style. We consider sustainable fiber and material innovations in relationship to the effective use and reuse of energy and materials. Our circular vision is to channel as much back into production, and if it is heading back to the soil, that it be compatible with a soil to soil approach.


Why do we do it?

We do it because it is beneficial for environmental conservation and preservation of natural resources. It is also beneficial to the lives of industry workers. Not only do sustainable approaches improve living wages and reinforce human rights, they also improve the environment that we all call home, where we live, work, learn, and play. This is easy to understand. More often than not, industry and landfill set themselves up, as neighbors, along the fence-lines, of marginalized communities that supply the workers. The actions, behaviors, and waste of these enterprises have a direct impact on the neighboring communities, with run off ultimately ending up in the sea.

We believe that what is good for the environment must also be good for society. Sustainable improvements to industry must also directly improve the environment of neighboring communities wherein there are good employment opportunities, healthy green space, and the confidence that their natural environment is safe & productive.

We are at all times mindful that sustainable approaches in fashion can be broadly beneficial. They have overlapping positive effects on the environment, society, the economy, and our oceans.

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This is why we do what we do. Herein lies our mission, for life and earth. Our vehicle is fashion. Making beautiful fashion is what we do love to do and making fashion a beautiful contribution to a healthy planet that promotes healthy living is our cause.