Women organic cotton Scoop neck in color white

Every day we make decisions both large and small that can drastically affect our lives. One factor that you may not think about is the quality of the fiber of our clothing. True, it may not seem like an essential part of life, but consider that sometimes even the smallest detail can throw your day into chaos or make it that much better.

 Clothing that’s itchy or scratchy can make a perfectly ordinary day a chore. That’s why we think every little decision matters and why, when we were creating our line of clothing, we chose to make our clothing from hypoallergenic Organic Pima Cotton. Here are just a few benefits of hypoallergenic (and organic) clothing.

 It’s Great for All Skin Types

Our Organic Pima Cotton doesn’t pinch or irritate. It’s farmed using organic methods which leaves clothing free from pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers. All of which means that our organic, hypoallergenic clothing is less likely to throw off the delicate PH balance in sensitive skin. While those with sensitive skin may have the greatest reason to seek out hypoallergenic clothing to prevent hives or other painful breakouts, the truth is that all skin types stand to benefit from going allergen free. Even if you don’t think your skin is sensitive, your body may still be reacting to the fiber of your clothing, creating inflammation that leads to acne, itchiness, and even premature aging.

 It’s Just More Comfortable

We use extra-long staple Peruvian Organic Pima Cotton from Bergman Rivera in our tanks and tees, and it’s the extra long staple that makes a difference. The strand’s long surface is silky smooth with no short ends to pinch or irritate. This cuts down on irritation and chafing and makes getting through your day just a little bit easier.