Manufacturing Partner: RAINTEX S.A.C. (RAINBOW TEXTILE S.A.C.)

Raintex S.A.C. is a Peruvian manufacturing company, owned by Ramiro Zamorano.

Ramiro started in textile business back in 1992, establishing a knitting mill which later evolved into a full package exporter of garments by 1999, in association with other textile businessmen.

After several years of experience in traditional textile business, Ramiro decided to establish his own operation: Raintex, in 2016, with the main goal of changing the approach of manufacturing and customer service: he realized the need of offering not only good product, but the best integral experience to his customers, aligned to integral fair trade interaction.

Raintex vision privileges total customer satisfaction enabled by versatility using local resources and by making social responsibility and welfare central to its workforce culture. 

Cristina Delgado, COO, directly oversees all related to Truth Alone™  development and production, and shares with us about Raintex´s Corporate Commitment:

We live in a globalized world of constant changes and trends that encourage companies to have a quality commitment in the products they offer but also that the way that quality is obtained is backed by safe and healthy methods that seek to care for people, for environment and ensure safe delivery according to the demands and needs of customers. In our organization we are not oblivious to these changes and trends, so we have a commitment to care for our environment by promoting energy savings, the use of substances that do not damage the ozone layer, and guarantee the proper management of waste, demanding the same from our strategical partners and suppliers.

"We take care of our staff, providing them with adequate protection and keeping us vigilant in their daily work so that they perform in a safe and healthy way. We adopt OSHA international standards for this.”


 Ramiro and his management team value all their collaborators and workers. All staff is formally included in payroll, with all legal benefits, but also count with private health insurance program.

Mothers with young children have special treatment at Raintex, they are allowed to start their working day 30 minutes later, so they can properly help and attend their kids starting the day.

Raintex is also committed to Sustainable Practices, that we TRUTH ALONE™ also encourage and cheer:

  • Raintex has proactively changed all polybags to Bio-Degradable controlled life plastic bags, for all the brands that they produce, even absorbing the additional costs of this change.

  • Raintex maximizes the use of materials, they gather all fabric wastages from cutting and sewing areas and devolve these to a company that makes industrial cloth for cleaning tasks.

  • Raintex is also committed to plastic and paper recycling procedures in their own facility and offices.

 Aligned to Raintex´s commitment of integral consciousness, they have chosen “Textiles JOC” as their main Knitting and Dyeing House partner. Textiles JOC is a leading mill which is also committed to:

  • Regulated Water and Effluents treatment, which is supervised by national government entities.

  • Use of eco-friendly certified dyestuff and additives for fabric processing. They use OEKO-TEX and GOTS certified supplies for dyeing and finishing.

  • They have changed their cauldrons from Oil to Natural Gas, in an effort of using more sustainable energy sources.


Raintex’s Partner Sewing Facility: Confecciones de Hurtado

Owner and founder: Jose Hurtado (first on the left in the picture)


Jose is an entrepreneur, he was born in Cajamarca, in the north highlands of Peru. He and his family were dedicated to the land and agriculture. When he was 15 years old, he moved to Lima city, seeking for more opportunities and aspiring for a better future.

 Jose worked in several areas such as carpentry, metals, cleaning, until he was introduced to textile manufacturing.  Jose began in this business as cutting assistant, sewing assistant, and sewing operator, and had the chance to work in major textile exporter companies.

 In 2010, Jose decided to use all his experience and open his own operation. He started with a loan and 7 sewing machines. In present day, he owns 50 sewing machines and a team of 30 people.

With all the effort of his own operation, he then was able to bring his brothers from the highlands (William and Miguel, center and right in the picture), for supporting him in the family business. With the time, Jose brought his parents to the big city too, so he was able to reunite his family and all of them contribute in the operations of the business, and support many other families by means of giving them job and opportunities in his sewing facility, privileging respect, welfare and fair trade.



Every garment that you purchase has amazing stories behind it, and TRUTH ALONE™ cares about who made your clothes.
We are proud to recognize some of these talented hands involved in manufacturing Truth Alone™ clothing:



JANET, she has been 7 years working with Hurtado family.

She is proud of having learned sewing operations little by little, now she is specialized in topstitching.

Janet has 3 daughters in school, and she enjoys doing what she does for supporting her family.


 PAMELA, she has been 5 years working at the Hurtado sewing facility.

 She is 33 but started in the textile operation when she was as young as 17.

Pamela expresses that she feels very comfortable and motivated working with Jose and family, she highlights the rectitude and correction that rules the operations at the mill.

In her free time, Pamela loves to spend time with her little daughter.  


NILDA, she has been 6 years working with Hurtado family.

She is one of the most valued collaborators, as she is specialized in all sewing operations.

Her work at Hurtado´s operation has allowed her to study a technical career of Administration, and in her free time, she enjoys performing other activities related to her career generating additional revenues.

 Nilda is proud of being perseverant, and is a very good example of development and progress to all her pairs at the mill.