We Already Care and We Know You Do Too

We know you are very interested, careful and conscientious about what you put in your bodies. And we are too. Truth Alone Clothing has emerged from the same thought process to enable us to feel good about what we put on our bodies. 

 In the same way, we have grown to care about healthy living, and being good stewards of a healthy planet, the origins, approaches, and traceability of our food chain; Truth Alone Clothing is equally caring about these same initiatives in clothing we make and its supply chain.

Today we can take decisions about fashion that are kind to both the environment and to the people alike, both as makers and customers of fashion. These decisions are about design and reusability. Our decisions include organic, sustainable and biodegradable raw materials, ethics & social welfare, water conservancy & energy consumption. These are all of our considerations to bring you the truth in Truth Alone Clothing. We do all of this with end-to-end control: hands-on traceability.

 Today can no longer be business as usual, nor can we care less in the choices we make about the clothes we choose to buy and wear. When clothing is so cheap--a deal “too good to be true”--it should cause us to pause. It would be good to keep in mind that what we pay for clothing is directly tied to what other people are paid. The cost of goods is directly tied to their wages, and the livelihood those wages can afford, and the living conditions those wages will sustain, and/or not. This is the real cost of unsustainable practices in clothing. It places a lot of downward pressure on prices, the environment, wages, and factory workers alike.

At Truth Alone Clothing we have over 30 years of history in the fashion industry. We specialize in Peruvian Fibers. Our particular forte over our long & valuable history has always been to lead fair, honest & respectable trade.  It has always been our mission to deliver real value to our customers, a value that is good for everyone. In Truth Alone Clothing you will find sustainable, traceable, accessible luxury in our line of Organic Peruvian Pima Cotton everyday essentials.


Transparency In Sourcing 

Environmentally Trims and Packaging