What Will It Take


What is it going to take to make a sustainable way of being the 21st Century norm and historic accomplishment?  It’s very simple, it comes down to money.

Sustainability as a way of being in the 21st Century needs critical mass if it is to transform conventional industry. And as part of that transformation, it will involve transforming the old “profit at any cost“ mentality.

For sustainability to become a way of being it will require all of us to buy into sustainable offers, to invest our time and money in it, and demand that sustainable products be made affordable.


The behavior of industry is in our hands. It is all of our hard-earned money that goes into and fuels the supply chain. In exchange for our money, we vicariously endorse the conventional industry. With every transaction, we endorse its indiscriminate and toxic behavior, its neglect and encroachment on fence-line communities, its degradation and depletion of natural resources, and all without being committed to anything except profit. Herein lies our individual and collective power: stop buying indiscriminately. Be curious. Do a little digging.

In Truth, Activism is as simple as caring.

Caring joins us all together, to be expressed as one with many voices. Caring together shows forth our power in diversity and numbers. In numbers, our value increases at the polls and the till. Caring as a united force for sustainable transformation of every industry involves each of us personally, and all of us together: “One Finger Cannot Lift A Pebble.”  

Here are some other ways in which you can help to keep sustainable initiatives in existence and important in our lives now:

  1. Keep Sustainable thinking and interests in existence in your own lives by choosing to buy sustainable items. Demand that they be made affordable.

  2. Research your favorite brands to understand their sustainability initiatives and ask about their sustainability credentials. They should be happy and engaged to hear from you. If they are not aligned with your values, don’t buy it. Don’t give them your endorsement.

  3. Socialize your interest in a sustainable way of being with your friends; make it a part of what you share and express in your life and your aspirations.

  4. Get involved in local sustainable initiatives in your home town; support your Farmers Market; learn about local sustainability programs, and who are behind them. This could become an avenue for new like-minded friends and a place to volunteer.

  5. Sustainability is political, inquire into the Sustainability Agenda of your Home Town Government, know the leaders and advocates, and find out how to lend your support. Our democratic system of governmental derives its power from the bottom up, from the local towns all the way to the White House. If you want to be an agent for change, lend your support locally, be curious and involved locally. We the People originate in small towns around the country. And your purchasing power works the same way, bottom up.

Stand united. It’s up to us to make sustainability important now and vital attribute of the world we have borrowed from our children’s children to come.